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Chris Paul Has Been Well Featured in NBA 2K17 Trailer

LA Clippers athlete Chris Paul, who as the top rated point guard, has been well featured in the new trailer for NBA 2K17 released on NBA2K‘s official Twitter account.



The LA Clippers are always one of the most entertaining teams to use in NBA 2K games. With Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, the alley-oop possibilities are emphatic and endless, providing countless hours of enjoyable fastbreak and pick-and-roll play. On top of that athletic duo, there’s one of the best point guards in the world in Chris Paul, who has been well represented in the new NBA 2K17 trailer as one of the best point guards in the game.

As you can see for yourself, the trailer focusses on new animations. With technology continually developing, adjustments to how players interact and make contact with one another are being made to ensure that every play feels as life-like as possible.

Obviously, Stephen Curry is going to edge Chris Paul out as the top rated point guard in the game. Following the best shooting season ever and his second straight MVP award, the title of NBA 2K17’s highest rated point guard should be going to him.


Unfortunately for Clippers fans, Paul is the only prominently featured player of the game, with Griffin in particular being left out the mix for some reason. Most likely, after missing 45 games in the regular season in 2015-16, he’s (unfairly) fallen off the radar for some.

The early tip-off (pre-order) edition of the game comes out on Friday, September 16, which is also the edition of the game that allows users to play with the 1992 USA men’s basketball “Dream Team”.

Unlike this year’s squad that went to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the 1992 team was a force of all-time legends and Hall of Famers, from Michael Jordan to Larry Bird, that truly captivated the magnitude of the event and enhanced the popularity of basketball and the NBA worldwide. So, now that they’re a virtual option, it’s safe to say 2K users will enjoy that array of unbelievable talent in exhibition games.

As for the LA Clippers, using the team in MyGm mode will be entertaining as always. Hopefully as September 16 draws closer and more trailers appear, we’ll see the likes of Blake Griffin and Rio gold medalist DeAndre Jordan featured well.

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